Big Bazaar – Great Exchange Offer

Exclusive… You are reading it first here…
Pantaloon Retail India Ltd owned Big Bazaar hypermarket just a while ago announced the Great Exchange Offer. You can bring any old items from your house and encash it for Big Bazaar coupon to shop in any Big Bazaar.

Under this exchange offer old garments, utensils, furniture, plastic ware, newspapers or just about anything that is unwanted can be exchanged. These goods will be weighed and valued and the customers will be given exchange coupons.

Sanjeev Agrawal, President Marketing, Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd, said

This exchange offer is a unique way of creating ‘Best out of Waste’. Offers like this give a chance to the housewives to get rid of old and unwanted clutter and refurbish their houses.”

The products are weighed and valued against attractive prices as below –

  • Clothes Rs.200 per kg
  • Newspaper Rs.25 per kg
  • Plastics/utensils/leather goods Rs.75 per kg
  • Footwear/ luggage Rs.100 per kg
  • Pet/ beer bottles Rs.15 per kg
  • Tyres Rs.50 per kg
  • Furniture Rs.75/- per kg
  • Others Rs.20 per kg

Big Bazaar will weigh the junk brought by the customer; value it as per the rates mentioned above and issue exchange coupons for that value. The customer will have to shop for 4 times the value of the coupon. The coupon can be redeemed against apparel, plastics, utensils, linen, luggage, footwear, toys, furniture and much more.

Big Bazaar also offers direct exchange on mobile and electronic goods through out the offer period. Customers can buy brand new mobiles and electronic goods in exchange of their old ones, and avail of attractive discounts on their new purchases.

Offer Valid from Feb-15th through March-10th