eZone Store Size and Numbers Shrinking – Ventures into Connected eCommerce

Kishore Biyani’s flagship Consumer Electronics retailer eZone appears to be in Trouble and here comes the change in business strategy. They are closing all unvaible stores and have also resorted to resizing store sizes as well, they are shrinking to save cost on Retail Rentals. Typically, eZone stores were of 12,000-15,000 sft in size but now the store sizes have been halved in most locations except few where business is still brisk.

eZone has identified 6 key cities – Kolkata, Mumbai,Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai and will stay focused in these markets.

eZone Connected Commerce A Hybrid model of serving by Digital as well as Brick & Mortar way. In the Digital way, customers can browse through the catalog and place orders which will be fulfilled by the nearest outlet. The company confirms that they managed to have same sales with 30% less Retail Rental Space.

eZone had a sales of Rs 600 Cr last FY and targets to achieve Rs 750 Cr this FY. The emphasis for the next 9 months will be on small appliances and computer tablets.