Pantaloon’s Strategy for Brand Factory Customers

The picture on the top is of Brand Factory located at Marathahalli, Bangalore. We caught up with some retail executive and here are their strategies and plans.

Brand Factory was initially launched to sell the excess and out of fashion inventory at Central Malls. However, Brand Factory is a big success and Pantaloon executives are now wondering if they can make the Brand factory loyal consumers to spend more by offering contemporary merchandise rather than the “outdated”.

Mr. Sundeep Mukim, said,

About sixty percent of them are repeat customers. And we hope to tuen atleast a quarter of our customers into buying the full price brands. The goal is to migrate 20-25% of the customers to Central Mall 🙂

Mukim is the COO of Central Mall & Brand Factory. Brand Factory sells goods at 20-50% discount after they are removed from the shelves of Central Mall. Also check out Bangalore’s Central Mall & Garuda Mall vicinity is India’s Hotest Retail Destination.