Bharti Wal-Mart India Retail Plans

After signing the deal, Bharti and Wal-Mart Stores Inc have also unveiled the initial retail plans for their joint venture.

  • Bharti – Wal-Mart to have equal stake in the company.
  • Bharti group will lead and manage the front end operations. Wal-Mart will power the logistics and back end operations.
  • Bharti has committed an imemdiate investment of $100 Million
  • Bharti-WalMart venture will start hiring for retail operations this week.
  • First store to be opened on 15th of August 2007.
  • Bharti-Walmart to have Hypermarts and Neighbourhood stores [Just like the Reliance group]
  • Bharti will very soon engage in talks with major real estate developers across India for store space.
  • Wal-mart to get 3% royalty for their brand name [Unconfirmed]

Stay tuned for more developments about Retail India.

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