Best Price Modern Wholesale – Lucknow Sushant Golf City

Bharti-Walmart operating in India in the Cash & Carry Segment opened Best Price Modern Wholesale Store in Sushant Golf City, Lucknow.

This is Bharti-Walmart’s first cash and carry store in Uttar Pradesh with a built-up area of ~65,000 sq.ft. The ‘Best Price Modern Wholesale store’ will stock more than 6,000 items with a range of fresh, frozen and chilled food, fruits and vegetables, dry groceries, personal and home care, hotel and restaurant supplies, clothing, office supplies and general merchandise items.

The Following Photograph was taken by RetailMantra Analyst at the Store,
Best Price Modern Wholesale Store LucknowWith Bharti-Walmart entering Lucknow market, indicates that the city has huge growth potential with increasing population and income generation as Bharti-Walmart is expecting ~5000 visitors to this store every month.

How do I become member of Best Price Modern WholeSale Stores ?
Eligibility Requirements and Procedure to become a member of Best Price Modern WholeSale store is explained here.

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  1. I am glad to know that they are opening and shall operate in lko.Atleast we shall get something a reliable household material with good standard and will give a tpouh competition to lacal market and will break their monopaly .

  2. sir i hv a temporary membership card no-(best price)——069203 issuance date—–04-02-2012 i wuold like to to visit to ur store may visit to carry with ths card pls reply as soon as possible thanks

  3. I am starting a new business, Not a Idea how to manage the customer Expectation that day customer is the king ,but first thing Relation Ship So Best Price is beneficial For the Shop keepers and Retailers thanks Bharti-Walmart’s

  4. Dear sir,
    My membership card issued in 2/12 has lost. The card no of second member is
    117 34220 006017339.
    Kindly issue the duplicate card.


    Vinod Agrawal

  5. How should I get membership identity card of wall mart l.k.o…. because I have to open a general store

  6. How should I get membership identity card of wall mart lucknow because I have to provide hardware and services in indian oil corporation.


    Dear All,

    I have a very sad experience with Best Price. I purchased 15 chairs of Neelkamal brand from Best Price Show room, at Sushant Golf City on vide invoice no. 8281 on 12/13th August 2014. The Chairs were not delivered in time and when they were delivered it was a changed lot, much inferior then what I have selected. Since then i have been trying hard to get my chairs replaced, One Mr. Vikas Tiwari came and took back the chairs on Wednesday 20th August 2014 on the pretext that the material delivered to you has been inter changed. so i am taking back these chairs and will come back with your own lot. Now since then i am trying hard and till such time my chairs have not been delivered. The Phone Nos. of Best Price 05223091443 and 0522-3091446 mentioned in the receipt are temporaily withdrawn. The Mobile no. of Mr. Anil 9198673989 Supervisor is either switched off or when the ring goes they are not picking my phone. Now whom to contact pls let me know. to get back my chairs. This is cheating and treachery on behalf of Best Price Management. as i paid cash for the chairs bought. Alok Saxena 9452879200

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