Biggest malls in India

India is seeing rapid mall development. Most of the Malls are categorized as Regional Malls [Total Lettable Area < 1 mn sft]. Compare this to Super Malls [Lettable Area > 1.1 mn sft], India doesn’t even have one. However, with its rising Middle Class and scarce Land, Regional Malls are the way to look forward. Here are the 10 Largest Malls in India as on today.

MantriSquare in Bangalore, InOrbit Hyderabad and Alpha One in Amritsar are yet to open for business / operational in parts and hence Footfalls are not recorded.

One thought on “Biggest malls in India

  1. India is still so far to build biggest top ten mall in the world. India’s biggest mall is Mantri square which GLA is 919,516 Sft. however would like to inform you that Bangladesh is having one Mall which Name is “Jamuna Future Park” and it’s GLA is 3,420,000Sft.

    Don’t worry, We are here to create new records and make India from fair to Good and Good to Great.

    Pinku Kanoujia

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