Elements Determining Consumer Experience – Design your Score Card

retail help india Bottomline is a must for any business, however in the retail business, it is the consumer experience that will directly determine the bottomline and the long term business proposition.

In order to help SMEs, Showrooms and Franchisees in the retail business, we interacted and brainstormed with several professionals in the Industry and Consultants and put together a list of Elements that determine the ultimate consumer experience. Based on this list, you can design a variant for feedback and weigh yourself on how well are you doing ๐Ÿ™‚

Store Ambience:

  • Size and Space – Shoppers may not like it to be seen crowded
  • Appearance – Must be well done with interiors, well lit and clean
  • Display & Stocking – Good Display of SKUs and Organization based on some logical means

Sales Support:

  • Staff must be courteous [no excuse] and try to be friendly
  • Must co-operate and help in locating or providing information required by the customer [Remember, he will not always ask, but once he is asked and you provide the right answer, he is going to come back to your store again]
  • Give a demo of product if asked for [Electronics] This will make the consumer interested in the product. Freedom to touch and feel
  • Sales must demonstrate the available range of products – just don’t think of margins, but try to make a SALE
  • Transparency in pricing and if necessary match to your competitors offer
  • Processes – Billing must be quick and give him choice for modes of payment – Credit Card, EMI etc

After Sales-Support:

  • Ensure you deliver the goods on time [if not, keep the customer informed before he calls you. If it is delay beyond wait, offer goodies, like a gift hamper or something because you are at fault]
  • Professional Installation if any
  • Honor Warranty , Repair and accept Complaints


  • Ensure good parking facility around your store
  • Engage kids with games or candies & older people with assistance and water
  • Offer to carry the goods until the car for heavy products or for consumers who are unable to handle them

Now design your own feedback card taking these points into account. Elements from top to bottom rank from high to low in priority. What say ? Got any more to add ?