Gift Vouchers for Corporate Gifting

Its festival time in India now. It can never be a better time to say “Thank You” to your Friends, Business Associates and Employees. Until the establishment of large retail outlets, most Corporate Gifting was in the form of Bonuses or Cheques. Pantaloon Retail India Ltd with its multi-brand
retailing strategy has introduced retail Corporate Gift Vouchers for medium and large business houses. You can buy Gift Vouchers for Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Central Mall, Pantaloon Fashion, Home Town, eZone, etc. Contacts to BUY Corporate Gift Vouchers, [Do negotiate for discounts, depending on the volume :-)]

  • North – Somya Sharma – 98734 99161 or Suneet Singh 93500 95414
  • West – Ajay Pawar – 98905 06620 or Saurab Singh – 99249 87918
  • South – Ram – 99860 26177
  • East – Nirmalya Ghosh – 93312 99682

Individuals don’t be disheartened. You can BUY Gift Vouchers for the above said brands on Future Bazaar.