Reliance Retail to start 22 stores in Hyderabad

Reliance Industries Limited owned Reliance Retail is thinking and announcing big while execution is patehtically slow and small. They have built a hype which has atleast disappointed me.

Reliance Retail is all set to sell vegetables and fruits in a stores of size just 2,000 sft. Then their will be another chain of stores which are sized at 4,000 sft which will sell non perishable consumer goods. And then the large hypermarkets(details unavailable) which are 20,000 sft in size. Why this plan is not good for me ? When I go shopping, I want everything under one roof – from vegetables to shampoos to royal scotch whisky. Don’t expect me to drive in terrible Hyderabad traffic to 6 different stores. With this plan sure Reliance will have the largest number of stores in the world. If Reliance is targeting the Aaam Aaadmi, then it’s a different story. Just like wal-mart targeting the low class Americans.

I happened to visit the Biz Bazaar @ Bangalore. Its truly amazing. Everything under one 75,000 sft complex.