Sqy! Rewards – Mobile App for Loyalty Program

Sqy-RewardsWe would like to introduce you to Sqy! Rewards, a mobile app that serves as an interactive, analytics driven, customizable customer loyalty program for retailers and brands, co-founded by – Ashwin Meshram and Sunpreet Singh. Launched by Mumbai based First Quadrant Solutions,the platform is a feedback based solution that helps brands incentivize offline as well online interactions with their customers. The 24×7 connectivity combined with real-time analytics enables brands to understand consumer spending patterns. The platform provides a targeted channel for promoting special offers & deals directly to consumers through image & video notifications. The solution seamlessly integrates with the brands’ POS systems and other digital platforms.

Sqy! Rewards provides an integrated mobile platform to end consumers to interact with the various loyalty programs, eliminating the need of carrying physical loyalty cards. Consumers can view loyalty points, available offers anytime, anywhere, helping them make an informed buying decision. Sqy! Geo-fencing feature enables consumers to avail offers from their brand stores closest to them, while reminding them of the loyalty points they can redeem.

Sqy! has associated with brands like K Sera Sera, Pizza Express, Killer Jeans, Eagle Boys Pizza, and Lemon Salons among many others.