How McDonalds India beats Inflation & Keeps Customers Happy ?

McDonalds India Happy CustomersIn our last review we have already highlighted India’s best supply chain management system of McDonalds beating Reliance Retail and others in the way. Today we’d like to point out on what business strategies McDonalds has adopted to beat the Inflation unacceptably high under the Corrupt Congress Government.

Transformation of agriculture practices: Mechanized field preparation and Drip irrigation were implemented on product farms which has lowered wastage and improved yields consistently. Eg: Farm yields for iceberg lettuce have improved from 60% to 80% while processing yields have improved to 75% from 45% earlier. (more…)

How Does McDonalds Manage its Supply Chain in India ?

McDonalds IndiaMcDonald’s supply chain facilities include the chicken patty plant (Vista Processed Food Pvt. Ltd.), cold chain distribution center (Radhakrishna industries) and over a dozen vendors and suppliers. We present insights on the close interdependence between key vendors and McDonald’s, which is a long term competitive advantage, complex supply chain which is vital to support its growth acceleration phase, and ability to manage inflation through transformation of agricultural practices and supply chain optimization.

McDonald’s offers its key suppliers long term sustainable and profitable growth. The backbone of McDonald’s operations is built on a unique farm-to-fresh cold supply chain. McDonald’s Corp (US) itself invested Rs 4.5 bn to develop the supply base which took (more…)