Allen Solly – Friday Dressing Brand to launch Mens Footwear

Allen Solly the premium fashion brand best known for Friday dressing concept will shortly launch Mens footwear range.

Allen Solly broke the monotony of Black / White / Grey dressing and introduced men to colorful dressing which was later adopted by corporates as well, especially for Fridays and thus began the journey of Friday dressing which included semi-formals as well.

Allen Solly footwear for men will mostly be Semi-Formal and Casual leather lines which could be worn for work or after-hours as well. Production is a mix of outsourced and some in-house as well. The range will be priced upwards of Rs 3,500.

The company is also undertaking a major revamp of its stores in India and has designs from New York based Graj+Gustaven. It is expected to cost upto Rs 3.5 Mn for the revamp of a store of size 1,500 sft in size. The comany plans to have 170 standalone stores across India by the end of the year.