Amante to embrace Indian Women

Sri Lanka based intimate apparel manufacturer, MAS Holdings has big plans for retailing Lingerie in India. MAS is a big league player and is a major supplier to Victoria’s Secret.

MAS has launched the Indian operations under the brand name Amante. This brand has been specifically designed for the Indian women. Targeted at Middle and Upper-Middle class, the Amante Lingerie collection will be made available in the price range of Rs 295 to Rs 995. Just like how Moods gave the Indian men a punchline – Act with Confidence, Amante has launched Confidence collection which accounts for 60% of its merchandise priced between Rs 495 and Rs 695.

Amante Lingerie will be made available at Lifestyle and Departmental stores such as Shopper’s Stop, regional multi-brand outlets such as Hi-Style and Mermaid in Chennai and gradually through franchisee and exclusive Lingerie outlets.

Organised retailing of Lingerie still has a long way to go as the market is mere Rs 320 crore and MAS wants to encash on this, with the retail boom in India.