Aristocratic pens from Just in Vogue Lifestyle Retailer

You are Reading this First HereJust in Vogue, the Indian Lifestyle retailer has set its eyesight on the Luxury and Elite Pen market for High Networth Individuals [HNI] in India. Just In Vogue has acquired exclusive franchisee for brands such as Waterman, Sheaffer and Cross.

Mr. Manoj Subu, Marketing Head @ Just in Vogue said,

The pen market in India is growing at 9% YoY and is estimated to be $400 million market. Small organised players command 60% of the market share while the rest is unorganized. Most HNIs buy pens while they are on a trip abroad because their are no trusted Indian retailers in the luxury pen segment.

However, we checked the website of Waterman and found Luxor as its contact in Bangalore located @ Brigade Towers. So also their are vendors for waterman in India @ Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Noida and Jaipur.

Waterman is one of the oldest pen manufacturer surviving today. Their pens in sterling Silver and Gold range between Rs 200,00 to Rs 400,000. The other elite branded pens average at around Rs 50,000.

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