Big Bazaar Online and Kiosk Retailing Strategy

Future Bazaar is the Online face of Big Bazaar. With Real Estate price sky rocketing and poor infrastructure for the shoppers in India, retailers are increasingly turning to the Internet to sell their goods. Future Bazaar launched its redesigned website a week ago.

Due to low internet penetration in India, Future Group tested a pilot project of having Retail Kiosks for consumers to order goods online. These kiosks had catalogues of the merchandise that sell on their website. One had to simply walk into the kiosk, browse through and approach the sales people to place an order. Orders were delivered to the consumers home.

Sankarson Banerjee, CEO,, said,

These tiny kiosks did about 20 times more sales per unit of area as compared to the sale a normal retail outlet does even on sale days. Normal Big Bazaar outlet has an annualized sale ratio of Rs 8,000 per square foot, while on sale days their annualized sale ratio can touch Rs 20,000 – Rs 25,000 per square foot.

Future Group has now announced that they will install more Kiosks in Tier-I and Tier-II cities.