What + Why Kiosk Retailing ?

Most of you must have witnessed Vendors retailing through Kiosks in your neighborhood Malls, High Street Retail areas, Departmental Stores or Hypermarkets. Have you ever wondered What is this all about and Why ? Here is what we found in our research 🙂

The concept of Kiosk retailing is fast catching up at convenient and eye-catching venues to attract the impulse buyers that pass through. Kiosk retail can be defined as – presence of outlets with a small physical space in an open format with temporary or even mobile out-fits, stationed at a place. Kiosk retailing is suitable for any product that can be sold without large storage, without any preparation, served with minimal staff and open format.

What exactly are the benefits of Kiosk Retailing ?

  • Substantially reduced Real Estate, avoids un-necessary product inventory and warehousing costs
  • Offer promotional opportunities to retailers
  • Help increase active footfalls to mall owners
  • Reduced input costs by less headcount and self-service model
  • Facilitate interaction with the service retailer and ease the way of availing their services

The merchandise that can be sold through Kiosk can be pop-corn, candies, snacks / coffee, jewelery, novelties, music, financial products, etc.

With the advancement of technology, Electronics and Interactive Kiosks are now widely visible. In these systems, it is the customized software with Touch Screen interface that lets the user interact and BUY whatever he wants.

In our next post, we will cover some live successful retail businesses running on Kiosks 🙂 Questions and Comments are Welcome.