Raga Exclusive Womens Watch from Titan

Tata Group managed Titan Industries after tasting the success of Fastrack brand for the Indian men just a while ago announced the re-launch[It was first launched in June-2006] of “Raga” – Exclusive brand of Womens Watch to be distributed through Titan Retail Outlets.

Raga is positioned as a sensual and feminine brand closely linked with jewelery. Two sub-brands of Raga are,

  • Raga Desire – Inspired by nature
  • Raga Shimmer – Stone studed watches

The overall watch portfolio for Titan has been growing at 20%, Raga is growing at 40%. In India, 40% of the watch market belongs to Women. Raga is a brand that addresses women in the upper middle class segment. Watches range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 and the size of the segment is 10 million women.