Bollywood Influnced Retail Fashion

shoppers stop kurti modelWe all know that Cinema and Cricket are close to the heart of millions of Indians. Companies don’t take too much time to realize this and have encashed upon the India consumer sentiment.

Banking on this trend, the range of Kurtis worn by Deepika Pudkone in the movie Love Aaj Kal have sold like hot cakes from the shoppers stop stores. The outfits featured in the film can be picked up under the retailers private label Haute Curry and Kashish in the price range of 799 to 1299. The demand is so intense that for one of the Kurtis, stores have had multiple repeat orders for the merchandise from manufacturer.

Shoppers Stop debut love saga with bollywood dates back to the release of the Movie – Om Shanti Om which clocked a merchandise sale of Rs 5.5 crore. The company is looking forward to directors producing more movies where it can partner and retail merchandise.

Shoppers Stop has struck a deal with Vodafone Essar India to market its hugely popular ZooZoo character created during the Indian Premier League. Shoppers Stop will manufacture and sell merchandise across various categories from Office Accessories to Kidswear.