Cafe Coffee Day Square + Lounge Format Chains

Cafe Coffee Day – CCD the pioneers of coffee retailing in India started by an entrepreneur V.G.Siddhartha, has unveiled 3 additional formats for coffee retailing. Coffee Day Square, Coffee Day Lounge and the third format is yet to be branded. [Suggestions are open in Comment Box]
Cafe Coffee Day Square + Coffee Day LoungeThe company plans to promote Coffee Day Square as the group’s flagship outlets. They will be opened in all the four metros over the next six months, specializing in ‘single origin’ coffees – classic beans sourced from a single estate in a single country across the world. Coffee Day Lounge will be cafes where beverage will be coupled with food, where people meet for lunch / dinner and not just coffee. The third format, which is yet to be branded is likely to be positioned as Coffee bar with DJ and contemporary music for embracing the night life. The company will maintain its flagship brand CCD which has close to 700 outlets.

Mr. Gupta of Cafe Coffee Day said,

Cafe Coffee Day has been a youth hang-out, now Coffee Day Square will be a coffee hangout for a more discerning, young-at-heart consumer who wants a truly great cup of coffee. The effort is to take consumers up the value chain and connect them with India’s coffee heritage in a contemporary way. Coffee Day Lounge, will be a gourmet format where we will look at food as a separate vertical. Here we will offer diet food, traditional foods and separate offerings for children.

So has Cafe Coffee Day planned to diversify itself into the food business ? Sure, they have an established brand and a successful business model with a decade of experience understanding the Indian consumer.

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