Delhi NCR – Distribution + Products + Formats Statistics

Delhi NCR is one of the first places in India which embraced the retail boom. The region has 20 m sft of malls under operation and equal space under development. The following pie-chart shows the distribution of retail mall space in Delhi NCR.
Statistics on distributions of malls in Delhi ncr

Gurgaon is one of the best success stories for Malls in India between 2003 and 2008.
We will now look into Product SKUs sold by these Malls in Gurgaon and the Formats though which they are sold. The distribution is similar across Delhi NCR Micro markets

Top – 5 product Categories the Gurgaon Malls Cater to:
Clothing & Textile
Food & Beverage
Jewelery, Watches & Opticals
Consumer Durables
SKUs / product distribution pie-chart across malls in gurgaon, india

Popular Formats in Gurgaon Malls:
Exclusive Brand Outlets or EBO have a very high share of 31% indicating a good
income distribution of people. Multi Brand outlets (MBOs) outlets constitute a share of 14% respectively. Food & beverage constitutes 20% while hypermarket is mere 8%.
Gurgaon - Retail Formats Distribution
Courtesy: DTZ