Fabric Spa Laundry Service Bangalore

You are Reading this First HereIn a retailer survey, the most sought after item for shopping by consumers apart from Groceries is Apparels and Footwear. No organized retailer had ventured into the virgin territory of Fabric Care and the gap is now filled by Bangalore Based, Jyothy Laboratories. Jyothy Labs manufacturers Fabric Care cosmetics will launch Laundry retailing in under the brand name Fabric Spa.

The services would be offered through retail showrooms as well as cater to institutions and door-to-door laundry services in the IT capital of Bangalore. Ms M.R. Jyothy MD said,

We believe that the rising middle class population and affordability to buy branded garments will open up opportunities for a Spa like ours to give value added services and a whole new experience.

The company is being advised by KPMG and is ready to tap into the market of IT professionals. Now will we see Dhobis in Bangalore protesting against Jyothy’s move ?