Hariyali Bazaar – Rural India Expansion in South and West

Did you think that Retailing and Malls was concept only to the select few in Metros and Tier-I/II cities in India ? Enter, DCM Shriram’s Hariyali Bazaar which is targeting Tier-IV and Rural Town places for retailing.Hariyali Kisan Retail Bazaar, Eluru The company rolled out its first outlet in Eluru to mark its entry into South India. Mr. Rajiv Sinha of Hariyali Kisan Bazaar told,

After covering Andhra Pradesh, Tamil nadu, and Maharashtra, this financial year we will expand into Karnataka and Gujarat. We are planning to launch Medical services at these outlets too. Through banks we are trying to attend to the credit needs of farmers. We are talking to locally strong banks in the region, for example in Andhra Pradesh, we are in talks with Andhra Bank.

Hariyali stores offer a variety of input products, consumer goods, farm fuels and value added services such as banking and insurance products. Hariyali stores are connected by a nationwide VSAT network.