Subhiksha to expand in Rajasthan, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala

South India’s number one neighborhood grocer and retailer – Subhiksha retail is all set to expand its retail operations in four more states of India – Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.

Subiksha currently has operations in – Tamilnadu, Bangalore[Karnataka], Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat. In Kerala subhiksha plans to setup 70 stores with an investment of Rs 50 crore. Subhiksha is also in talks with Kerala’s discount retailer Margin-Free for a takeover.

In a recent survey, Subhiksha was the cheapest retail grocer in neighborhood.

Subhiksha’s Wireless Retail Solution:
Subiksha is deploying, Wireless Solutions with Business intelligence back end which will help the company manage demand and supply of stock on shelves as well as determine purchase pattern and stock-price movement.

ICICI holds 24% in Subhiksha Retail Trading Corporation.

Subhiksha Retail Franchisee and Business Opportunity:
You can send your Business Inquiry and Franchisee Inquiry Details to “ “