Kaya Skin Clinic + Kaya Life – Performance Review and Outlook

We bring to you the highlights of the performance of Kaya Life and Skin Clinic, subsidiaries of Marico.

In line with its plan to open new clinics in existing cities, Kaya Skin Clinic added 6 new clinics in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai during the quarter. As of December ’08 Kaya Skin Clinic offers its skin care solutions through 84 clinics, up from 65 in March 2008. Of these 73 clinics are operational across 20 cities in India while there are 11 clinics situated in the Middle East. No Kaya Skin Clinic has been closed down since Kaya’s inception in 2002.

During Q3FY09, Kaya recorded a turnover of Rs 41 crore, a growth of 59% over Q3FY08. During the quarter, Kaya launched Kaya Care, an Annual Membership Program designed to inculcate a habit of regular skin care amongst clients through a personalized skin care calendar. Kaya markets a range of products that are used in conjunction with the services it offers. Products at Kaya comprise about 13% of its turnover

Kaya Life offering holistic weight management solution which was launched in FY08 currently has 3 centers – all in the city of Mumbai. Customers are experiencing effective results on both weight loss and inch loss. The team is working on the model to increase the pace of customer acquisition and of expanding the menu of programmes and options. These modifications to the model will be tested before a full fledged roll out of Kaya Life is undertaken.