Likelihood of Unplanned / Impulse Shopping

Impulse Buying and Unplanned Shopping is something the retailers bank upon and after compiling the statistics, here is who did the most or at least have the highest probability 🙂

Young and Unmarried Adult shoppers with higher incomes do 45% more unplanned shopping. However, families and shoppers using newspaper Ads are 25% less likely to indulge in Impulse buying. Also if the shopping trip is only to get an item or two forgotten in their last trip, they are the least likely to do unplanned shopping.

If the shopping trip itself is unplanned, chance of unplanned buying goes up by 20%. If the shopper visits the store by a car, then there is a 40% higher chance that he will indulge in some kind of Impulse buying when compared to him going for the shopping by a walk.

If your shopping trip involves stop-over at two or three or more stores, then your chance of indulging in Impulse buying goes down 9% to every additional store you visit.

Courtesy: Excerpts from Knowledge @ Wharton