Arvind Brands – Arrow + Flyingmachine to go Online

india online retailApparel retailer and India’s leading Denim brand – Arvind is looking forward to sell its merchandise online. Arvind currently retails its popular brands Arrow and FlyingMachine through Megamart chain of retail stores. Rediff sells the merchandise online. However, in 6 months, the business model may change and Arvind may just start selling on its own.

Mr. J. Suresh, CEO Retail Brands said,

Globally apparel is said to be the fastest growing category in online e-commerce. But in India people still like to see and feel the garment before buying. However, with India being a net literate country we will try the online medium to sell. We will start with shirts in standard colors and sizes which one need not look to take a call.

We would like to differ a little bit with Mr. Suresh’s opinion here. If companies had the vision to serve customer better and had they embraced them, then the Indian consumer by now would be blindly buying just on the brand name. But what has happened in India is exactly the opposite in the past and hence the skepticism from the Indian consumer.

Arrow and Flyingmachine both have websites to show case their product catalog – ArrowOnline and FlyingMachine.