Insight into the Shopping Consumers Mind

India Retail Shopping ExperienceIn the Retail Forum 2010, Bindu Sethi, Chief Strategy Planning Officer, Grey Asia Pacific offered a glimpse of Consumer Minds while Shopping, which is particularly applicable to South Asia and India.

1. Retail is a school not a store: Most consumers discover new products and categories in modern retail formats.
2. Did you know that – 2/3rd of purchasing decisions are made in store ?
3. 59% of all purchase decisions are not influenced by brand equity.
4. Retailers don’t listen to what customers really want
5. People don’t like shopping with kids
6. Advice from staff is appreciated as along as it is non‐intrusive [Your Salesman Can’t tell your Wife that the Lingerie will look great on her]
7. Shoppers visit modern retail outlets not only for products but also for
8. Consumers only like promotions which make them feel like heroes
9. Almost half of in store promotion’s are wasted
10. The shopping budget of the customer in store is in the retailers’ hands, unbelievable isn’t it ? But its TRUE.

Do you agree, if not what say ?