RPG Cellucom to Open 400 stores

Laptop and Mobile Phone retailer, RPG Cellucom which operates 100 stores is all set to add 300 more by the end of 2009. The company has earmarked $250 Million for the expansion. RPG is the master franchisee for Dubai based Cellucom.

Mr. Sunil Bhagat, CEO of RPG Cellucom said,

Of the new stores, 150 will come up by this year end. The company is focusing heavily on the Delhi /NCR region which will have around 50 stores in the next 6 months.

RPG makes the investment in setting up the infrastructure, while Cellucom procures products and equipments necessary to run the stores. 70% of Cellucom’s global revenues is contributed by India. Cellucom is a well known brand in the gulf Cooperation council and Africa. Mr. Arun Nagar is the founder of Cellucom.

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