Shoppers Stop Business Analysis

You are Reading this First HereOur Retail Analyst has an exclusive report on Shoppers Stop‘s business perspective, similar to that of Pantaloon Retail undertaken in December.. Shoppers Stop has a total retail area of 1.51 mn sft across India. Growth is as shown below.
Shoppers Stop Carpet AreaThe average selling price at Shoppers Stop is Rs 855.
Sales per sft of retail space at Shoppers Stop is Rs 2,300
Average value of a transaction at Shoppers Stop is Rs 1,900.
Sale of Private Labels owned by Shoppers Stop declined to 18.4% from a high of 22.0%.Shoppers Stop has customer loyalty program known as “First Citizen“. The First Citizen club reached 971,000 members and accounts to 65% of the shopping done at Shoppers Stop. Compare this to Reliance Retail which has one loyal customer in [Reliance One Club] on every sft of retail space the company operates. Reliance has 3,000,000 members.