Starbucks products at PVR Multiplexes.

You are Reading this First HereSeattle, USA based, Starbucks which is facing some hurdles on its entry into India has licensed its products to PVR Multiplexes. Under the agreement, PVR is sourcing Starbucks products with longer shelf life, including cold coffee and mineral water, from Starbucks. Currently it is not brewing coffee and in future may do so once it gets regulatory approval for full fledged operations.

PVRs, GM Ranjan Sigh said,

The retailing of Starbucks products has already started on an experimental basis at three Multiplexes in Mumbai and Delhi. The arrangement is for sourcing products directly from the US.

In July 2007, it withdrew application from the FIPB after it failed to get approval for a standalone retail chain.

What we feel is Starbucks maybe in talks with Indian retailers to go on a partnership basis. It could be a PAN India retailer or Realty developer.