Subhiksha – Operation Cleanup + Makeover

Subhiksha neighboorhood Grocery Store in IndiaSubhiksha, the retailer with high footfall and highest sales per sft is all set for operation cleanup and makeover. Yes, finally you will see those neighborhood Subhiksha stores lot cleaner and with little bit of face lift too, which is expected to be uniform across all stores.

Mr. Mohit Khattar, President Sales & Marketing said,

Customers look for value and convenience not ambiance. With the revamp of the stores, now customers can enjoy both shopping experience and savings in price.

Subhiksha is spending up to Rs 250,000 on every store and has identified 1,000 such stores of the total 1,300 that are operational by the company. where is this spending exactly going into ? Expanding the width of the isle for easy navigability, upgrading billing sections and deploylent of SAP in the backend.

The upgrades have started in some places and guess by how much the sales has shot up by ? Company said whopping 50% compared to pre-revamp days. That’s a lot I should tell you. Assuring customers that they are getting the best on offer is the goal of Subhiksha and so far it seems to be winning ๐Ÿ™‚