Titan WWF + Fuoco Aurea + Scintillating – Brands hit retail shelf

Titan Watches launched its WWF Collection inspired from half a dozen endangered species of animals. It is available in 13 different styles and is priced between Rs 3,000 and Rs ,4000.

Aurora unveiled Fuoco Aurea Minima limited edition pens. Each pen has a ruby red stone in the head and suggested retail prics is Rs 10,500. The stock is limited to 175 pens.

Scintillating jewelery unveiled diamond chandelier earrings. They are a mastepiece with 5.84 carats of diamond studed in 18.52 gms of Gold and priced upwards of Rs 140,000.

Sisley has unveiled its Winter collection Phobia and Nocturnal for men and women. The collection includes jackets, trousers, shirts and more.