Kappa&Bossini + Panerai + Adora Brand lanuched in India

From Value to Luxury retailers, it has been destination India this summer. After Louis Vuitton opened its second shops in Bangalore,India, every week half a dozen new brands are being launched.
Brand Launches in IndiaKappa & Bossini introduced its spring-summer 2008 collection for Women and Men. The Kappa brand retails between Rs 3,00 and Rs 2,000 while the Bossini ranges between Rs 400 to Rs 3,000.

It would have been hard to Digest of Limited edition watches being introduced in India few years ago. However, we are now seeing them introduced every month [ Omega 007 in April-2008]. Officine Panerai and Ferrai launched Ferrai Granturismo chronograph. This is a limited edition watch with yellow dial.

Diamonds are forever and so is Adora’s collection. Adora launched diamond bangles crafted in 18K Gold priced upwards of Rs 40,000 a piece. Truly elite 🙂

Indian companies aren’t lagging behind in introducing innovatively designed brands. Zodiac launched Z3 casual wear shirts available at all exclusive and MBO outlets. Z3 price ranges from Rs 1,600 to Rs 1,700.

Titan launched yet another series [Titan’s Xylys and Nebula premium watches introduced in April-2008] of watch Octane in 30+ different styles priced between Rs 5,000 and Rs 7,500.