Wine & Women in India Industry Outlook

In our last post we introduced you on how Wine Retailing has picked up in India. Today we will have a look on the emerging class of Wine Consumers [Purely Wine, not any other alcohol] – Women and Youth along with the outlook for the Industry.

Wine & Women in IndiaIndian Women are increasingly becoming financially independent with increased participation in social events and occasion. As they join Global Workforce their is an increasing preference by her due to international influence. They also indulge in wine due to its health benefits and the sophistication and elegance associated with it.

To attract the Women Consumer market, Companies have been trying hard by means of promotions, launch of very low alcohol content wines, introduction of new and premium brands, increased bandwidth in distribution channels.
Women - Emerging Class of Wine Drinkers in IndiaWomen and Youth have realized that wine has much lesser alcohol content than spirits and have initiated to separate it from other alcoholic beverages. They are also becoming aware of the health benefits from wine. Wine consumption in now regarded as a symbol of status, class, lifestyle and novelty.

Lifestyle Changes & Consumption of Wine:With increased preference of population to dine outside, people are experimental and curious to try out new beverages, flavors and varieties. This has influenced the growth in wine industry. Almost all new restaurants that commence in the major cities and metros offers wine.

Wine Industry Outlook:Wine industry can achieve a supernormal growth by increasing the quality and standard of wine produced, spreading awareness, proper positioning, improved branding and promotion and assistance from government and wine boards in the form of favorable policies and subsidies.

Social Acceptance of Wine – Increasing awareness level, western culture influence and urbanization have increased acceptance have made wine complimentary with the dining experience.

Growth Projections:Indian wine industry is further estimated to reach a consumption of 6.27 million cases consumption by FY-2015 by growing at a CAGR of 27.2%. Most of this Growth will come from Indian Women who are independent and socialistic prefer it over other drinks because of softer tone, subtlety and connotation.

Base Case projections for 2012, 2013, 2014 are 2.9, 3.7, 4.8 Million Cases. As more and more Youth join the Workforce, we believe that increasing personal disposable income will see more budget allocation for food and beverage industry leading to increased per capita consumption. What say ?