Bharti – Wal-Mart – Money is no constraint

World’s leading retailer – Wal_Mart is extremely serious about Indian venture as the company has clear directions to International Operations head – Doug McMillon that their will be no dearth of funds for expansion in India, the next Trillion Dollar Economy in the Making.

Wal-mart ins association with Bhati group have managed to open only one store in India as they quickly admit they are studying the scalable business model that will suit the macro business environment in India.

Doug is lobbying in the power corridors with Industry and Agriculture minister for smooth sailing across India. Doug is well known for handling the best supply chain and sourcing contracts in the Retail World said,

We will have anyone as our supplier as long as they deliver quality and offer a reasonable price. In my career as merchandise buyer, I have seen that several small suppliers too have benefited from us. And you look at the margins of suppliers and Wal-Mart margins and you would know that they fare much better than us. Also, we encourage small suppliers not to be overtly dependent on us.

Folks at Reliance better wake up to the competition as this time their lobbying in Power corridors to KILL business houses like the Wadias in 80s won’t work, or who knows they may completely perish themselves in the retail war if it gets dirty πŸ™‚