Bombay Dyeing’s Global Plans

Nusli Wadia managed Bombay Dyeing which has been struggling for over 2 decades on the Indian turf is now planning to go global. [HaHa!!!] They are planning to supply to specialty retailer bed, Bath and Beyond and also at Wal-Mart, Target and Macy’s. [I don’t believe Bombay Dyeing has quality products that can be stocked @ Macy’s]

Mr. S K Gupta of Bombay Dyeing said,

We might have our own distribution or could even join hands with someone to enter the US market. However, it will only be our sheet sets that we would be selling under the Bombay Dyeing brand.

Coming to the local turf, the company has now woken up that there is a retailing boom in India. They say that they will invest Rs 60 crore to launch 100 company owned stores. Earlier this year we had reported that they are looking forward to ti-up with Multinational retailer, but nothing has concrete has come up yet. Bombay Dyeing is also adding Franchisees in various Indian cities.

[On a side note, the stock is up only because of the vast Land Bank the company has which is inherited and Nusli Wadia nor his sons have contributed anything worth mentioning here. Let me know if I am wrong.]