Can Wedding add to Retail Sales ?

The Pioneer of Indian Retail – Mr. Kishore Biyani is hoping to have a new life with new couples tying the knot within the next 5 weeks. Their are around 19 wedding Muhaurats and around 30,000 couples are expected to tie the knot in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. Now what has this got to do with Retail ? They are expecting home furnishings and appliances to go up as thse new couples begin a new life.

Mr. Kishore Biyani said,

Sales will increase at least 20% in the first week of November, and pick up thereafter. we expect sales of a lot of categories to go up.

Mr. Joshi of Tata Croma Electronics echoed the ssimilar words,

We expect sales to rise by at least a fifth during the wedding season, until the end of December. We have planned a huge marketing strategy, but it would be premature to discuss it right now.

Future Group operates in home furnishing format under the brand Home Soultions and eZone / Electronics Bazaar for White Goods. Sure, Indian retailers are htinking outside the Box now 🙂