Wine & Women in India Industry Outlook

In our last post we introduced you on how Wine Retailing has picked up in India. Today we will have a look on the emerging class of Wine Consumers [Purely Wine, not any other alcohol] – Women and Youth along with the outlook for the Industry.

Wine & Women in IndiaIndian Women are increasingly becoming financially independent with increased participation in social events and occasion. As they join Global Workforce their is an increasing preference by her due to international influence. They also indulge in wine due to its health benefits and the sophistication (more…)

State of Indian Wine Industry – Part -1

We’d like to cover the Indian Wine Industry [Not Alcohol] just 100% Wine – the Current State, Major Players, Consumers and the outlook for the same.

What has Wine got to do with Retailing in India ?
More than 30% of wine was sold via organized modern retail trade system in FY-2010. It is expected that retail trade will increase in the future as people will start gaining awareness and knowledge of wine types, brands and its food pairing attribute. Thus we thought we will enlighten you on the same.

Wine is yet at the transition (more…)

Strategies for Success – Part – II

You are Reading this First HereIn continuing our research post on Winning Strategies for Retailing in India here are the last 4 commandants as come up by our in-house research team.

Is there a Fixed Business Model for Success ? The answer is NO. While Pantaloon successfully added 7msf from FY06-FY09, Trent and Shoppers Stop remained conservative due to the lack of availability of quality retail space at reasonable rentals and did not expand aggressively. While many tried to go the aggressive way like Pantaloon, but only to scale back, Trent and Shoppers Stop evolved their business model even as capital was scarce and footfalls dropped. Both Pantaloon (more…)

Top 10 Strategies for Success – Part – I

What separates the men from the boys in India Retail Inc.? There have been more failures than successes in organized retail in India. We believe that in the last two years, when capital was scarce and consumption patterns were weak due to the global economic crisis, it has clearly emerged that retailing in India is not as easy as it seems.

We will have a look at the Top 10 Business Strategies for flying colors in Indian Retail.

Ensure Store Level Profitability Before Expansion – The top-three unlisted players have revenues of nearly Rs 100bn over FY06-09 only to reel under accumulated (more…)

Grocery Chains – Largest Segment of Retail – Part -1

India grocery retailIn continuing our coverage on the Retail Chains in India, this is the last segment – Groceries, the largest segment of Retail. We will cover the Grocery chains in two parts.

Food and grocery is the largest segment and it occupies around 74 per cent (US $ 200 billion) of total retail market in India. The organized grocery retail constitutes 20 per cent (US $ 6 billion) of organized retail industry. It is growing at the rate of 11 per cent per annum. [2007-08]

There are more than 1500 organized grocery chains in 2008 run by big corporate housed or retailers and it will increase to 5000 by 2010. Grocery chain format in India include (more…)

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