Electronic Retailing to explode in India in next 12 Months

Experts and Industry Analysts predict a big retailing boom in household electornic goods in India. Left Diya Mirza at luanch of Mobile Phone in India.

According to the survey, Indian buyers intend purchasing high-end electronic goods like laptops/notebook computers, hand-held PCs, mobile phones and handsets with internet access, flatscreen TVs, LCD and Plasma TVs, digital still cameras and so on.

MP3 players are now owned by 38.7% of the affluent Asians surveyed, a growth of 116% since ’01 — with a further 7.3% intending to buy one in the next 12 months.

Ownership of digital still cameras has increased 127% over the past five years, from 23.6% in ’01 to 53.6%, meaning more than half of all affluent Asians now have one. There is a further 6.1% of the population that expects to purchase one in the next year. If you include people with digital camera functionality on their mobile phones, a hefty 72.4% of respondents now have the ability to take digital photographs.

HCL Infosystems plans to open 60-100 digital lifestyle stores to cater to the growing technology products market.