Salora Terminal – Digital Electronics Stores

We have yet another retailer entering the Digital Electronics space – Salora International with its “Terminal” brand of retail stores. The company launched 9 “Terminal” stores in the NCR.

Business Model of Terminal Electronics Retail Stores:
The company will stock range of electronic goods – Color TVs, Mobiles, Digital Cameras and Handy cams, Laptops and DTH Hardware. Each store is expected to be in the range of 1,000 to 1,200 sft in size. The goal is to have each store within 3-4 kms from the consumer’s house.

Salora has tie-ups with Sony Ericsson mobiles for exclusive brand outlets in the North for about 10 stores and with Virgin Mobiles for kiosks in the North and East. It already has around 17 Virgin kiosks operational in malls and other places of footfalls.

Mr. Gopal Jiwarjika said,

The digital electronics is throwing up exciting opportunities in the Indian market. The electronics market si expected to be $125 billion with very small percentage of it into organized retail. We see a huge opportunity in this space in the years to come.

The company hopes to have 300 to 500 stores on a PAN India basis.

What do you think of Terminal Digital Electronics Stores ?
With the store size they have mentioned they’ll be able to stock only the fast moving items in each of the categories [TVs, Mobiles, Cameras and Laptops] The consumer will not have much choice to browse and look before he purchases. A consumer who wants to shell out on an average Rs 10,000 on these gadgets wouldn’t mind going 10Kms to a larger store to get better choice. Well, only time will tell the Retail Tale ๐Ÿ™‚