Food + Beverages + Appareals + Furniture – Market Size – Historical Data

You are Reading this First in Global MediaDifferent Reports of various research entities have always given different figures on the total consumption directly linked to the Retail Market Size in India. To satiate our urge, we filed an RTI and obtained 100% Authentic Data from the Government of India and we would like to share it with our readers. Data is interpreted in USD Bn to help Global Readers. INR Table is also published at the bottom of this Article for Indian Readers. Read 2004-05 as April-1st 2004 to March-31st-2005.

Food and Beverages:The total consumption was USD 169.63Bn in 2004-05 which saw a growth of 22.7% and was at USD 208.23 Bn at the end of 2008-09.

Clothing / Apparel & Footwear:This segment saw the largest growth of 64% from 2004 to 2009 as the market expanded from USD 28.35 Bn to 46.52 Bn

Furniture & Appliances:The second largest growth segment in the retail sector with a growth of 57.28% between 2004 and 2009 expanding from USD 14.4 Bn to 26.69 Bn.

Medical Care:A modest growth of 22% in 5 years from USD 21.35 Bn to 26.01 Bn

Recreation & Education: Witnessed a growth of 38% in the 2005-05 to 2008-09 FYs expanding from USD 14.51 to 20.17 Bn with the rise of Multiplexes in India.

The following Table shows the Size of Various Retail Markets in India for the last 5 Financial Years including Food, Beverages, Apparels, Medicare, Furniture etc