Format analysis of Stores in Organised Indian Retail

We have listed major Retail formats operational in India and players operating them. To achieve optimum business efficiency, major Retail players usually operate multiple formats to cater to consumers according to location, size and assortment. Here is a summary of Formats Operational in India.

  • Departmental Stores – Extensive width and depth of assortment; average to good quality merchandise. Good to Excellent service and Average to High Pricing [Study included – Shoppers Stop, Pantaloon, Westside and eBony]
  • Discount Store – Extensive width and depth of of assortment; average to good quality merchandise. had slightly below average customer care with Low prices. [Stores Visited – Spencers, Brand Factory, Reliance Fresh]
  • Hypermarket – Average availability of assortment and Low Service satisfaction. Prices were also low. [Big Bazaar, Hypercity and Metro Cash & Carry stores were visited]
  • Factory Outlet – Moderate width but poor depth of assortment; some irregular merchandise; low continuity. Very Low Service Level and products were priced lower than Departmental Stores. [Nike, Adidas and Reebok outlets were visited]
  • Specialty Store – Very narrow width of assortments; extensive depth of assortments; average to good quality. Above Average to Excellent Service level. Pricing was on the higher side. [Planet M, Music World, Sony and Crosswords stores were visited]

Let us know if you have any different experience on the Retail street 🙂