Home Towns Retail Outlets in India – Kishore Biyani

Pantaloon Retail India Ltd, Chairman, Kishore Biyani just a while ago announced a slew of new ventures which will backward integrate his retailing dreams.

Notable announcement is that Kishore Biyani wants to give a new shape to retailing in India by starting a retail chain of “Home Towns” stores. Home Towns are essentially stores that will sell Home-made products. The first Home Town Store will open in Ahmedabad.

Kishore Biyani also wants to get into Contract Farming, healthcare and Hospitality. Oho! He is now losing focus and without any doubt I will say he will launder money from group companies and may collapse. Till date it is not clear which retailing ventures belong to himself and his family and which ones are in the Pantaloon retail Ltd listed company.

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