Hypercity Argos Catalogue Shopping in Mumbai

We had first reported about HyperCity Argos’ plans for Catalog retailing in August. It has finally gone live in Thane, suburb of Mumbai. Mr. Andrew Levermore, CEO HyperCity Retail India said,

This unique format of catalogue shopping is definitely suited for metros such as Mumbai where retail space is expensive and has been a deterrent for retailers to reach out to a large consumer base in an efficient manner. Hypercity Argos which is an integrated multi-channel capability encompassing stores, home shopping and the Internet, will give our consumers a new and convenient way to shop.

HyperCity expects to get atleast 25% RoI from this format within the next 5 years. According to our Retail Analyst, most Indians like to shop in stores such as HyperCity. The retail revolution in India has got a long way to go 🙂