Nautica’s Price Point Marketing gimmick

Global Lifestyle retailer Nautica is trying to bump up its sales with a new Price Point marketing gimmick. No this doesn’t mean lowering of prices, but just a sales gimmick. The company has now introduced Rs 1895 price point in woven shirts to tackle the gap between Rs 1695 and Rs 2295 price points said the company release.

Mr. Dhruv Bogra, Business Head Nautica said,

The Indian consumer is not price sensitive. He is willing to pay more as long as there is value for what he gets. But then again he is only willing to pay that much. We will continue to target high end of the market place.

Jeez!!! Bogra contradicts his own statements. Indian consumer is not price sensitive and Nautica is targeting high end customers. The high end Indian consumers never really bothered about price nor they ever thought about value for money shopping.

All we can say is this is Nautica’s marketing gimmick to a recent Marks & Spencer price reduction across the board to woo Indian shoppers.