Hypercity Argos – Catlogue Retailing in India

The Raheja group promoted Hypercity Argos retail for the first time is planning catalog based retailing in India. They have a single store in Mumbai but managed at world class standards.

The catlogue concept is to be initially launched for consumers in Thane. Mr. Andrew Levermore of Hypercity Retail said,

The prices charged for the goods supplied from Hypercity Argos catalogues will be similar to that of Hypercity, as there is going to be 100% overlap of products present in the existing Hypercity in Mumbai.

The idea behind launching catalog retailing is to quickly reach as many consumers as possible served through different distribution centers. The company has already distributed 100,000 catlogues in Thane which has 5,000 products listed and consumers can simply pick up the phone and order the merchandise.

I have personally never liked to order anything from catalog, except Books and Music. Since this is just the beginning of retail revolution in India, consumers would actually like to goto mall and enjoy the shopping experience.