Nebula Zeus Solid Gold Limited Edition Watches

Nebula Zeus Gold WatchLimited Edition Retailing seems to be gaining lot of Traction in India. From Jewelery to Watches, you name it, retailers are considering its launch. In Feb-08, we saw Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines launch edition watches in collaboration with Swiss Watch maker Hubolt.

Now its Ratan Tata’s Titan Industries which has introduced Nebula Zeus – Mechanical automatic watch in solid Gold. Only 500 pieces are up for grabs and will cost approximately Rs 1,10,000 a piece. Nebula Zeus and Xylys are premium watch brands from Titan and the former uses 18K Gold.

Ms. Suparan Mitra, Marketing Head at Titan said,

Mechanical watches is witnessing increasing consumer interest and the trend is coming back. With a million quartz watches around, consumers want something exclusive. Nebula Zeus harks back to an older era of luxury and romance.

Nebula Zeus is crafted using swiss made mechanical automatic movement with sapphire crystal back cover. Instant start, second hand stop device for accurate timings and auto wind convenience are some of the distinguishing features.