Kishore Biyani to launch Discount Stores

In September, we were the first to report about Kishore Biyani’s Brand Factory. Now Biyani is planning to launch discount stores for Future labels. (Future is Biyani’s brand name)

Retaliers like Pantaloon Retail India Limited and Reliance Retail Ltd have launched their own private labels across various segments from commodities, to food to clothing.

Their is so much ego with Indian retailers that they want to start a brand immediately and as a result, uture Group has 80 private label brands of his own across various product categories and the company is working around a business model which will help liquidate stocks that are out-of-season.

These retailers must realize that the Indian consumer will stick to his own brands ir-respective of the price and retailers can succeed only in branding of commodities.

Who owns Future Group ? Is Biyani diverting money from Pantaloon Retail India Ltd to his own ventures ?

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