Pizza Hut to expand in India

Few months ago we had an exclusive report on the expansion of Dominos Pizza in India. Just a while ago, Pizza Hut announced that it will add 70 more outlets by 20101. Pizza Hut currently has 135 outlets spread across 34 cities. Mr. Anup Jain Marketing Director of Pizza Hut India said,

We think their is enough growth in the existing cities. We will open more outlets in the cities we are already present in. South India is an important market for us with explosive growth coming from this region.

Pizza Hut claims to have 27% of the branded Rs 1,000 crore [$250 Million] Pizza market in India. Pizaa Hut is globally owned by Yum! restaurants. Mr. Niren Chaudhary of Yum! restaurants India said,

Our Strategy for Pizza Hut is to make it a “Treat You can’t beat”. to achieve that, our aim is to position ourselves as a brand that not only provides tasty food but also exceptional entertaining experience.

I have personally experienced the entertaining part. The stewardess at the outlet got to know about my friend’s birthday and within 45 seconds they changed the song and few of them lined behind to wish him a Happy Birthday!!! We ended up spending like 1,800 bucks amongst 5 friends that day.