Sabka Bazaar + Home Stores to be re-branded as Spinach

Wadhawan controlled supermarket chain, Spinach is planning to re-brand re brand Sabka Bazaar and Home Stores under its umbrella.

Sabka Bazaar is a supermarket chain in Delhi and Wadhawan acquired 70% stake in it. Home Stores is a different format in which Wadhawan has also acquired 70%.

Mr Dipanker, CEO of Spianch said,

We hope to operate the stores as they are without making too many changes till a decision is taken. We have already stationed some employees at these outlets to study the basic system of functioning. Depending on the findings, we will work on things like day to day functioning and enhancing the back-end supply chain.

Spinach plans to have 1,500 retail outlets by 2012 of which 300-400 will be acquired from existing players.